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About IDOR

About IDOR

IDOR Management Team

  • Constance Beard
Chief Labor Relations Director
  • Catherine Lacey
Assistant Director
  • Ed Buckles
Collections Bureau - Manager
  • Vincent Cacioppo
Associate Director
  • Chima Enyia
Communications Office - Manager
  • Darlene Logsdon
Chief of Staff
  • Kevin Conner
Criminal Investigations - Manager
  • Brian Cooper
Account Processing - Program Administrator
  • Kevin Richards
EEO Officer
  • John Nelson
Administrative Law Judge Office -
Chief Administrative Law Judge
  • Terry Charlton
General Counsel
  • Mark Dyckman
Administrative Services - Program Administrator
  • Joe Romang
Human Resources Management Office
  • Julie Moscardelli
Audit Bureau - Manager
  • Dan Hall
Informal Conference Board
  • Brian Fliflet (Acting)
Board of Appeals - Chairman
  • Brian Wolfberg
Internal Affairs - Manager
  • Stephen Peters
Chief Fiscal Officer
  • Cory Staley
Legislative Office - Chief Legislative Liaison
  • Richard Sgro
Chief Information Officer
  • Debbie Price
Liquor Control Commission
  • Executive Director - Donovan Borvan
Chief Information Security Officer
  • Vacant
Research Office - Chief Economist
  • Hans Zigmund
Chief Internal Auditor
  • Barbara Ringler
Taxpayer Services - Program Administrator
  • Brenda Towers